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Mission Statement -  Kidzone will provide childcare in an environment which children will engage in value based, developmentally appropriate, and fun activities that help them develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Kidzone was founded in 2000, and now operates 2 centers serving over 200 children between the ages of 2 weeks and 12 years. Kidzone Centers are open throughout the year, generally Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., although hours may vary by location.

Kidzone offers services to students, faculty and staff at Lake Michigan College, to the greater Twin Cities area, and to the greater South Haven area. Program philosophy emphasized child initiated learning within a culturally diverse community. Kidzone will use a learning center approach. Children choose the activities that interest them, manipulate the materials available in the center, and become the architects of their own learning. Our learning center approach will allow the children to interact with one another, aiding in the creation of new ideas and new questions. By offering variety, we will ensure each child’s style of learning will be accommodated each day.

License - Kidzone Preschool & Childcare Center, LLC in Benton Harbor is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Children and Family Services as a child care facility for ages 2 weeks to 12 years. The Center receives regular inspections by the Benton Township Fire Department and Berrien County Department of Health.  Kidzone South Haven, LLC in South Haven is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Children and Family Services as a child care facility for ages 2 weeks to 12 years. The Center receives regular inspections by the South Haven Fire Department and Van Buren County Department of Health.


Kidzone (Main Office)
Benton Harbor/St. Joseph
2755 E. Napier Ave.
Lake Michigan College Campus
Benton Harbor, MI  49022

South Haven 
125 Veterans Blvd.
Lake Michigan College Campus
South Haven, MI 49090

Philosophy - Kidzone believes that each child is a unique person who has the potential to grow and develop into a mature and responsible adult. A child should have an environment that is nurturing, fun, safe, and challenging. An environment that provides for his physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. Each day is one of choices, explore feelings, and solve their own problems. Our center provides an atmosphere where children actively participate. Kidzone emphasizes child-initiated learning within a culturally diverse community, by offering variety, and Godly morals and values, we can en-sure each child’s style of learning will be accommodated each day.


Child to Adult Ratios - Kidzone maintains child to adult ratios that are in compliance with the Michigan licensing requirement.

Our caregivers are nurturing, loving professionals who are trained in health, safety and education.  We offer developmentally appropriate learning in an environment that's engaging and fun for little one of all ages.  

Kidzone families get all this in a community devoted to children.

Staff - All staff must have certification in First Aid, Blood borne Pathogens, Infant and Child CPR.  The Center requires Michigan criminal background and Neglect and abuse checks on all staff that are employed. Staff working with infant/toddlers are required to be trained in Back to Sleep Safety training. All staff are required 16 hours of early education in-service training per year. All Lead teachers are required to have at least 9 Ceu's (90 hours of training) in their specific age group that they are assigned.

Programs - Kidzone offers Childcare services to ages 2  weeks (infants) to 12 years. All Kidzone Centers emphasize whole-child development through age-appropriate learning activities. Kidzone teachers are trained in early childhood development, and centers are designed and equipped to meet the unique needs of children in each appropriate age range. Along with lots of personalized attention and support, this approach creates a fun and engaging environment that supports learning throughout the day - for each and every child.  Check out our different programs here.

Membership - Kidzone is a member of Child Care Resources (CCR).  CCR is a private, nonprofit organization supporting parents, caregivers and employers with child care information and referral services.  The mission is to advocate for quality childcare in the community through education and referral services.  The vision is to be a leader in a society that values and supports children, family life and affordable, quality childcare. 

Kidzone is also a member of Michigan Association For Child Care Providers, Inc. (MACCP) The primary mission is to help our members deal with the many issues they face as child care providers, including state regulation compliance and business management, so they can do what they do best-care for children. In addition, we provide information related to child care to parents, advocates, and anyone else with an interest in the industry.

Lastly, a member of (National Association Child Care Professionals (NACCP) is the nation's leader among associations serving child care owners, directors, and administrators. The organization's goal is to improve, enhance and strengthen the credibility of the people who lead the child care industry by providing membership services and benefits. NACCP is the only association exclusively dedicated to child care management without regard to a center's tax status and corporate sponsorship

Kidzone Center Hours


Contact Information:

Kidzone Benton Harbor
Phone: 269-927-6293
Fax: 269-593-5902
Address: 2755 E. Napier Ave., Benton Harbor, MI  49022
E-Mail: Kidzone Benton Harbor

Kidzone South Haven
Phone: 269-637-7501
Fax: 269-503-5902
Address: 125 Veterans Blvd., South Haven, MI  49090
E-Mail: Kidzone South Haven





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