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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

with reading, writing, and math? Before a child can hold a pencil firmly or use a computer keyboard, he or she needs lots of opportunities to strengthen and coordinate finger muscles. Playdough, Legos, beads and even the buttons and snaps on dress -up clothes can all do the trick. Hands-on problem-solving with such materials provides valuable experience in questioning, experimenting, and in wanting to learn more about how the world works. Before a child can relax and learn in a classroom filled with other children, he or she needs lots of experience with the give and take of getting along with others. Teachers are there to support children in these and other learning tasks all during free play. Feeling at ease in a group, understanding ways to negotiate conflicts, and knowing how to ask a teacher for help when needed are all essential school skills.

Will your preschool child be ready for kindergarten next September? Even though it's months away, you're not alone if you've started thinking about next fall. Child care centers report parents often begin asking questions about readiness as early as February: Next year my child will attend a school where there won't be as much time to play. Shouldn't he be getting used to sitting still and working this year?
Unlike adults, young children don't benefit by sacrificing their present for their future. In fact, they need every moment of childhood they can get. The best way to prepare children to meet the academic challenges of next year is to let them enjoy this year. Let your child feel the satisfaction of being a competent four or five year old, rather than striving and rehearsing to be an older child. The confidence gained will do more to prepare your child for kindergarten than any amount of training  in sitting still. What do blocks, toys, and clay really have to do

Volume 2, Issue 17

February 3, 2003

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Valentine's Party on February 14, 2003

February Birthdays

Adam Essig

Henry Jose Mitchell

Meaghan& Kaleigh

On Friday, February 14, 2003, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Kidzone will have a Valentine Party. Parents are asked to bring a treat for their child's classmates. Please see attached class list for Valentine cards. Parents are welcome to come and have fun with their child!

9:00 -- Snack
9:30--Distribute Valentine's
10:00--Heart Hunt
10:30--Center Play
11:00--Heart Mural
12:00--Lunch w/ treats

Happy Valentine's Day  Parents!