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Kidzone uses Teaching Strategies "Creative Curriculum" . For more information on "Creative  Curriculum", click here.

3 years to 5 years

Preschool at Kidzone helps children build reading skills, self-confidence and a love for learning. To meet the developmental needs of three, four and five year-olds, we offer programs based upon the latest research and best practices in child development and early education. Classrooms, playgrounds, gymnasium and libraries are designed to encourage safe exploration, allowing children to discover, have fun and learn. The entire program is designed to be engaging and fun, so children don't just learn, they love to learn. We offer a half day session of preschool for 3-5 years olds from 8:30am – 12:30pm Monday- Thursday.  The rest of the day is learning through play.

Learning Centers - Every Kidzone preschool room is divided into clearly defined learning areas, each offering a wide range of interesting materials and activities at a child's eye level.

  • A Language/Library Area filled with books and magazines.
  • A Math/Manipulative Area with materials that encourage counting, grouping and sorting.
  • A Creative Arts Area to explore their budding creativity.
  • A Home living/Dramatic Play Area for role-playing and pretending.
  • A Science Area for exploring basic concepts using simple materials, such as plants, magnets or small pets.
  • A Computer center for software and technology training.

Playground - Learning doesn't stop when kids go outside to enjoy the Kidzone playground. Just like a classroom, the playground is divided into specific areas that encourage learning through play. Your child can choose from a variety of activities, including quiet learning, nature study, and imaginative play - along with some great sliding, climbing, riding, and much more.  Weekly trips to the gymnasium and our garden, will help your child develop their large motor skills.  

A Balanced Day - Every day at Kidzone is carefully structured to provide children with a balanced routine for learning, growing, and enjoying their day. Short, focused group activities are alternated with individual playtime, small group interactions and rest periods to keep everyone smiling, playing and learning.

Language and Reading Readiness - Kidzone takes a comprehensive approach to reading readiness that includes letter recognition and phonics, plus many opportunities to experience the joy of stories, books, poems and songs.

Math/Manipulative - Interesting manipulative materials, displayed at the children's eye level, invite preschoolers to initiate their own learning throughout the day. They also complement a variety of fun, informal learning activities initiated by the teacher. Your child will be learning basic math fundamentals as he or she practices counting, grouping, sorting, and ordering.

Social Interactions - Preschoolers at Kidzone learn continually through interactions with the teacher and with each other. Small and large group activities help prepare them for wider social interactions, and imaginative play helps them practice the social roles they see modeled at home and in the larger world.

Creative Arts - Arts  are plentiful at Kidzone, giving your child many opportunities to explore and create - and to show you their masterpieces!

Rest Periods - After hours of excitement, fun and learning, your child needs rest. We provide the cot and sheets. It's also fine if your child brings a favorite blanket or sleep toy from home.

Gentle Discipline - Learning self-control is just a normal part of growing up, so Kidzone policy is never to embarrass or ridicule a child when he or she misbehaves. Nor do we allow the use of corporal or physical punishment. Instead, we use positive tactics that strengthen self-esteem. Most situations can be handled by redirecting the child to another, more appropriate activity.

Parental Involvement - Partnering with parents is essential for consistent, positive experiences at both home and school. Parents are aware of what is happening in the classroom through posting of daily schedules and weekly lesson plans. Kidzone will conduct parent and teacher conferences that will include written assessments of each child's developmental progress at least twice per year. Of course all of this supports an environment of open communication between parents and teachers.

Ready to Read Program- If your child will be 4 years old by Dec. 1st and will be entering kindergarten the following year, Kidzone will ask all parents to fill out a Reading goal set-ting form in the fall for their child. In the fall and spring, Kidzone will fill out a progress report on your child and meet with you to discuss their progress. The following learning areas to be covered are Language/Reading, Fine Motor/Writing, Math Manipulative's, Social Emotional Interactions, Creative Arts, Work Habits, and child’s portfolios.

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